Facebook Advertising: A Need to Know Guide

Facebook Advertising helps you a lot, especially if you have a smaller business and you are in dire need of promotion. With that in mind, there are always going to be some challenges that you have to face in these situations. That’s why we created a list of tips designed to make Facebook Advertising fast, convenient and reliable.

Enable page moderation

There will always be trolls and people that want to share bad comments out of habit. You can avoid those simply by adding in some limitations. Go to the page settings and then edit the page moderation features, so you can get the best results.

Set the right ad budgets

You can select when and how to advertise. In fact, while you can run adverts all the time, that can be costly. You want to run adverts on a schedule. This way you will be sure that the right people see your ads and the conversion rates will be a lot higher than you would expect.

Modify the ad copy and design

People always want to see something new, so changing your copy and modifying the ad design can be a really good idea. It will make the process more interesting and convenient, not to mention that results will be a whole lot better this way. You may also want to change ad placement too, in order to avoid any placement issues in the long run.

Use videos

The best Facebook Advertising content is video based. Lots of people don’t want to read, but they do enjoy watching a video. While creating an advertising video can be a bit expensive, the return on investment can be huge in this regard.


Facebook Advertising has great retargeting options, so you should try to use them. The best part about Facebook retargeting is that you can set up a pixel code that will help you identify when it’s the right time to show your ads again and generate more leads.

Test audiences

Different audiences have different requirements. That’s why you should try to test your audiences as that is really important. It allows you to modify the campaign in any way that you see fit. This makes it faster and easier to adjust everything related to your campaign and thus take things to an entirely new level at all times.

Balance expectations

Just because you spend a lot of money doesn’t mean you have immediate results with Facebook Advertising. It all comes down to how you spend it. This is why retargeting is a huge part of Facebook Advertising. You need to know what people to target, when to post and where to place your ads.

These Facebook Advertising tips will make it easier for you to obtain the results you want. Remember, you always need to test your audiences and work closely with them to generate the best results. There are bound to be some challenges along the way, but proper testing as well as some trial and error will help eliminate that!


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